3 Steps to Program Your Brain for a Conscious Birth

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When I was pregnant with my second son we were planning a home water birth with his older brother present.
Each night for months I would read the same stunning home birth children's story called "Hello Baby by Jenni Overend".
The night after I gave birth Tom was reading "Hello Baby" again to Octavius and Tom was astounded!
He exclaimed "Belle, this is exactly the same as how you gave birth!"
Reading the book again and again for months had subconsciously programmed my brain to birth exactly the way the mother did in the book.
A beautiful conscious home birth with my little family present.
Below is 3 steps you can take to begin to reprogram your brain for the positive and empowering birth you deserve...


1. Things to start doing

✨ Listening to positive birth stories only
✨ Investing in birth education and getting informed with knowledge and wisdom
✨ Letting go of the "good girl" archetype and saying hello to your wild woman and inner Kali
✨ Speaking up for yourself, what you want, envision and desire
✨ Reclaiming your radical self responsibility
✨ Setting healthy boundaries

2. Beliefs to reframe

✨ Pregnancy and birth are natural states of being not sicknesses
✨ Birth is not painful, women are powerful beyond measure
✨ Birth is a rite of passage that grows you into a strong capable mother. You are not a victim or damsel who needs to be rescued
✨ Unnecessary interventions don't prevent birth trauma, often they can cause it

3. And most importantly Brainwave Neurotraining

✨ There are specific brainwaves that can be used to program your brain for a positive birth
✨ These same brainwaves are essential for cultivating whilst birthing your baby too
✨ They facilitate the function of the autonomic birthing brain and birthing hormones
✨ The Conscious Birth Method teaches you what they are, why they are essential and how to cultivate them during pregnancy, birth and beyond

“Where we put our awareness, and for how long, maps our destiny.”
— Joe Dispenza

You have so much power within you, to create the pregnancy, birth and journey into motherhood and beyond that you are hoping, wishing and dreaming of.
Yes, it does take some inner work and personal growth but pregnancy and birth being a major life rite of passage is going to create massive life transformations whether you are consciously calling that in or not.
The Conscious Birth Method is designed to lead you through your inner journey of blossoming into motherhood with step by step guidance, empowerment, support, ease and grace.

Love Belle
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