Conscious Birth Movement

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Are you a passionate hardcore birth advocate...

We are changing the way women enter motherhood! We know what women's body's are capable of and we are empowering women globally through education and self enquiry to reclaim their pregnancy and birth as their sacred rite of passage.

There is no other birth course like this!

The Conscious Birth Method awakens women to heal, transform and grow throughout their pregnancy, birth and early motherhood journey.

It paves the threshold into motherhood with self empowerment, consciousness, self responsibility and self belief.

The tools and resources our mothers learn here goes on to serve them long after they give birth.

The Conscious Birth Method is helping women evolve into the powerful matriarchs they were born to be.

Who can apply for the conscious birth method affiliate collective...

Are you a passionate birth advocate, doula, birth-worker, midwife, OB, allied health professional, natural medicine practitioner, lactation consultant, women's health GP or a hardcore natural birth nerd and guru? Do you want all birthing women to have access to next level birth education that prepares them for a conscious and informed birth whilst supporting them with tools and resources they will use all throughout their motherhood journey...?

Then you are in the right place!

Our mission is to reduce birth trauma statistics globally and support women to blossom and thrive into motherhood through their conscious birth experience (no matter how they birth).

If it sounds like we are on the same page download the booklet and follow the steps to join the movement.

Together we can empower the next generation of women into the matriarchs they were born to be.

In the words of the late Jeannine Parvati Baker "Healing the Earth through healing birth"


To join the Conscious Birth Movement Affiliate Collective first download the booklet to see if you are aligned with us and then complete the Conscious Birth Movement Affiliate Application Form.

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Sarah Houston

This is the course, the knowledge, the teaching that I have been searching for! So happy to have stumbled on the Conscious Birth Method - it combines personal experiences, professional knowledge and ancient wisdom in a way that fully embraces what women need in the lead up to birth and motherhood. This is my second pregnancy/upcoming birth and I just wish I had this knowledge as a first time mum. Tahlia and Belle speak from a place of truth and passion, and each lesson has been thoroughly planned, researched and shared in such a beautiful way. Presenting the facts alongside gentle care and helpful tips is what all birthing mothers deserve, and what takes this course above and beyond anything else out there on the market. I cannot thank them enough and am so excited for more… absorbing every word from each session!!