Hi Beautiful!

Belle + Tahlia here!


We are the co founders of the Conscious Birth Movement.

We believe pregnancy and birth is a rite of passage where women begin their transformation from the maiden into the many faces of the mother archetype.

Confident, empowered and conscious births lay the foundation for motherhood.

Birthing confident, embodied matriarchs who know their inner power and raise empowered children.


We have a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful.

It's that women are strong.


- Laura Stavoe Harm



Tahlia's Story


Tahlia is a chemical scientist, natural wellness mentor, birth advocate and mother of three beautiful children. She is passionate about educating mothers on how to have a natural hospital birth.

Tahlia's passion for educating women about natural birth was fueled by a senior obstetrician asking her to come back to the hospital and teach other pregnant women "how you did that textbook birth"!

Belle's Story


Belle is a doctor of Acupuncture focused on women's health, pregnancy and postpartum care. She is a passionate home birth advocate and has three beautiful wild boys who were all born consciously and naturally in their own unique way and time.

Belle's passion was fueled after she was interviewed on television by channel 7 and channel 10 about her beautiful home birth overlooking the forest, with her second son.

Our Vision


After tears of sadness rolled down both of their faces whilst watching the screening of Australian award winning documentary "Birth Time" together. Which highlights the prevelance of birth trauma and how destructive it is to new mothers wellbeing.

Tahlia and Belle were inspired to create the Conscious Birth Method which gives mothers the wisdom and confidence to have an empowering and transformational birth. Along with tools that empower them into motherhood and for the rest of their life.

It is Tahlia and Belle's mission to decrease the prevalence of birth trauma globally and to help women heal and rise up into the matriarchs they were born to be.


Conscious Birth Method Online Course

Online birth course giving mothers the confidence to have an empowering, conscious and transformational birth.

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